Saturday, January 15, 2011

Youth Impacted by HIV/AIDS

         This sunny afternoon Dr. Dayaprasad G Kulkarni, Myra Saad and I collaborated to facilitate this workshop for youth impacted by HIV/AIDS at a group home Bangalore, India. The laughter and excitement of dancing quieted into a calm focus as the youth made personal flags. 
Colorful as the clothing and personalities in the room, the flags combined into the quilt below for display at the home.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Classroom Action Research

Check out this web-published Classroom Action Research project I did with The Alliance for Arts Learning Leadership:

Facing Responsibility - Elmhurst Middle School, Oakland, 2008-2009

How can theatre and art build confidence in students with learning disabilities and low self esteem? We collaboratively designed arts-based lessons with particular emphasis in supporting the students in developing self-advocacy skills. As a group, students democratically selected a theme that they would like to create a performance around. The students chose the topic Responsibility.