Sunday, November 28, 2010

Forum Theatre for Playback Junkies

Stories of cast conflict and police abuse of power emerged from the group during this one day Forum Theatre workshop I facilitated for Yours Truly Theatre. The Bangalore based group who currently does Playback Theatre, and Complete the Story Theatre (similar to Augusto Boal's Simultaneous Dramaturgy) wants to add Forum Theatre to their repertoire. In addition to main stage productions, Yours Truly Theatre currently works in schools, colleges, hospitals and community settings. Co-Founder Ranji David said "Forum Theatre will help us work with Citizen Issues".

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Interupting Injustice with Gender Shadow

The audience entered the Centre for Film & Drama to find actors in the lobby posed as statues labeled with tags like "Tom Boy", "Homosexual" and "Homemaker". A host was there directing people to 'sculpt' the labeled bodies, remixing the stereotype or physically juxtaposing various identities embodied by the actors.
Once the theatre filled the Jokers (Theatre of the Oppressed term for the character who plays the role of facilitating crowd participation in the performance) got the room roaring with voices playfully preparing to engage in this Forum Theatre show.
The play itself used shadow masks, plaster masks, movement and drama to portray issues ranging from childhood sexual abuse to unreal beauty standards manufactured in photoshop. All the scenes contatined unresolved conflicts and/or undesirable endings, with the content drawn from the actors lives.
After the 30 minute performance the Jokers announced the play would run again. In the second run of the show the audience was invited to interrupt scenes, replace characters, and explore other potential outcomes for the characters in peril. (see Barath Jayarajan making an intervension in the 3 photo sequence above)
Gender Shadow's first public Forum Theatre performance sparked meaningful dialogue and creative interventions. Read more about Gender Shadow in the Media:

Friday, November 19, 2010

Gender Shadow Performances

Gender Shadow: An Invitation to Interrupt Injustice

In the street and in our minds, the shadows of gender oppression dance against the fabric of society. This interactive theatre piece invites audience members to enroll in a collective journey to dismantle the assumptions and beliefs that enable a climate of limited gender expression, objectification and violence. This performance speaks through the voices of Youth from across India.

Upcoming Shows

Saturday 27th of November 2010 @ 3:30pm
Centre for Film & Drama
#36, 9th main , B.V.Karanth Road,
BSK II Stage, Bangalore - 560070

Tuesday 7th of December 2010 @ 9pm
# 4, 1st Main, Off Palace Cross Road,
Chakravathy Layout, Vasanth Nagar,
Bangalore - 560052

For more information visit the Gender Shadow Blog
Check out the article about us at